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"So, are you droppin' eargasms every month this year?"

Stay tuned and find out! *Wink

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“You can't do it after 40, BUT I CAN MANNEE!”

Tigress sets the standard for originality in music. Now reigning unrivaled in INDIEpendence and exclusively original SELF-WRITTEN, SELF-PUBLISHED eargasms for over 20 years. In her April and May releases, "Speak For Yourself," and "You Don't Deserve My Heart," she shows exactly why her title remains unchallenged and undefeated.

April Release || "Speak For Yourself"

Like Hip Hop, rapping after 40 is not dead. At least, not when it comes to the LIFE that Tigress breathes into her eargasms. Add hashtags (#speakforyourself #iaintlikenobodyelse #nativeandhaiti #tigress #theresonlyonetigress ) when sharing our posts with this track.

May Release || "You Don't Deserve My Heart"

Just like the sign reads on her single cover, "No Parking. Towing Enforced." Tigress is not entertaining games and toxicity. She's single and still kissing frogs BUT NOT accepting applications from toads. Add hashtags (#kissingfrogs #youdontdeservemyheart #goodwomenlooklikethistoo ) when sharing our posts with this track.

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