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Updated: Jun 13

Still ampin' on tracks in the studio with the legendary musician and music engineer, David Roland, of Storyteller Sound, formerly Roland Professional Sound, King Asa has done it again with his April and May releases:

"Circle of Life" and "Cartoons and Chill"

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If you're new here ... WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. If you've been here, WELCOME TO THE EVOLUTION OF INDIE MUSIC! We appreciate you becoming a member and rocking with Eargasm Records and our unapologetically original and exclusively INDIEpendent music. In a world where it's more popular to follow only mainstream artists, we do not take your support for granted.

“Evolving like Pokemon Changes and Changes ... Started from nothing, bing bang is strange like what I'm going to do with a flash granade ... when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade stand man”

King Asa expresses his gratitude for you becoming a member, as well. He includes a nod to his gratitude in every song, acknowledging that he had to start from the beginning of learning how to make beats, write lyrics, and ultimately compose a song. Now, he humbly but unapologetically boasts the power that he has to express himself through song, "like a flash granade," and his dreams to reach his fullest potential in his music career.

April Release || "Circle of Life"

This song is about life, encouragement and empowerment. Add hashtags (#circleoflife #asaheroic #summer30 ) when sharing our posts with this track. If you don't know, King Asa also launched his Kids' Club, "Asa Heroic Adventures," in 2019, under his for profit corporation, King Get 'Er Done Incorporated. He planned an inaugral Kids Heroic Con, but it was canceled due to the pandemic. Plans are underway for that conference, slated for 2023. Visit to join the mailing list for updates!

May Release || "Cartoons and Chill"

This song is about emphasizing that kids should enjoy their childhood and avoid growing up too fast. Add hashtags (#childhood #cartoonsandchill #kidsheroiccon ) when sharing our posts with this track.

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