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She's known as Brickhouse, Gemini, Nae, and of course the most befitting of her titles, "OG Queen Get 'Er Done." Tigress got it from her mama for sure: intelligence, culture, creativity, sophistication, resolve, fortitude, and beauty.

Typically, she has held the label down behind the scenes with photography, videography, image consulting and styling, and even garment/wardrobe construction. As a former professional model and entrepreneur Master Seamstress, she lends her expertise in front of and behind the camera. But she's always been there at the shows, in the studio, even singing background vocals, co-writing lyrics and viral TIKTOKing in recent years, and that's why, amongst many other reasons, she reigns as THE OG.


Show her some love and check out her lyrical debut below on our Moonwalkers LP released in 2021, in the single "In Us I Trust."


Moonwalkers Cover Art.png